On Riding Alone

Grab your kit. Find your shoes. Where the fuck did I leave them? Aah… Under the couch. How do they always end up there?

Feed the cat.

Lock the door behind you.

Clip in, and finally let go of it all. There’s a road you've been wanting to explore. A few acres of Italy, shoved up into West Lake Hills. One you get past the traffic and those few sketchy sections you’ll be on it. Unexplored territory.

The regular crew is tied up, but that’s OK… Riding solo is a pleasure. There’s something uniquely gratifying to finding your own rhythm. Settling into a climbing pace that you can maintain for days and tapping away. No bullshit attacks. No sprint signs, or suffering for vanity’s sake.

Suffering should be reserved for something much greater than that.

Pedal home. Damn... I did a bit of time traveling there. But I guess that if your only concern is the present, there’s no use for time. It’s just another thing to leave behind.

Perhaps that’s why I’m always home late.

On Starting a Little Business

Starting a little business is hard.  Tax ID #'s and merchant bank accounts are things that I now know entirely too much about. I'd much rather be making the left onto Turnersville Road. Breaking free from this crowded town, and searching out the nearest Farm to Market.

But water bottles are ubiquitous. Every rider needs several, and it may be the one thing in cycling that is agreed upon. It seems that a new bottom bracket and hub standard comes out each week, but water bottles... Well, water bottles stay the same. You may or may not like our designs. At least no one is excluded from the start.

These are bottles for lifers. We'll keep creating them, and we'll get better at it.

Our first 5 bottles.

Not sure if you're one of us? Well, there's a simple test for that. If you agree to all three statements you're a member of the Vanguard.

If you don't... That's OK too. We'll do our best to change your mind.


1. The Giro > The Tour

2. The Classics > The Giro

3. Cross > Everything